About Controlled Plating Technologies, Inc.

Controlled Plating Technologies, Inc. (CPT) was founded in 1991 and specializes in alkaline zinc and zinc iron plating and chromate top coats.

Our modern, 30,000 sq. ft. facility is located near downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, just off US 131.

Well-Equipped in All Facets

At CPT, being well-equipped means more than just having top-of-the-line machinery and processes.

It also means:

  • Having a disciplined mindset that provides us with the focus and determination needed to fulfill your most challenging plating technology requirements.
  • Taking a progressive approach to providing the best, most cost-effective solutions - this allows us to continue setting the standard for protective metal finishing.
  • Focusing with our unified vision of providing the best quality, best service and on-time delivery, to ensure our entire team will exceed our customer's expectations.


This is status quo at Controlled Plating Technologies, Inc.

Controlled Plating Technologies is committed to using team involvement to continuously improve our processes to meet or exceed our customer requirements, and to deliver defect free parts every time